1. 請確認你的運輸夥伴是否已出現在以下eRO貨主代理名單上; 如還未顯示在名單上,請提示你的運輸夥伴閱讀以下運輸公司必讀資訊,你的運輸夥伴必須於eRO服務登記貨主代理戶口。

  2. 按此下載授權表格,授權你的代理處理你在香港的入口貨櫃提櫃文件及相關事宜。



  1. 按此下載登記表格,登記貨主代理戶口。

  2. 提示你的客戶閱讀以上貨主必讀資訊並按上述第2點填妥授權表格。

The following list contains all registered consignee agents, including some trucking companies. These trucking companies are able to process eROs on consignees’ behalf with proper authorization.

Important Notes for Consignees

If you are a consignee who wants to leverage trucking partners to handle import release documents, please complete the following:

  1. Please check and ensure your trucking partner is on the List of eRO Consignee Agents below. If it doesn’t appear on the list, please advise your trucking partner to read the following Important Notes for Trucking Companies. Your trucking partner should sign up as a consignee agent.

  2. Click here to download an authorization form for the purpose of authorizing your agent to handle import release documents and related matters on your behalf.

Important Notes for Trucking Companies

If you work at a trucking company which helps customers, i.e. consignees, to handle import release documents, please complete the following:

  1. Click here to download a registration form and sign up as a “consignee agent”.

  2. Advise your customers to read the above Important Notes for Consignees and to submit a complete authorization form outlined in point 2 above.

電子提櫃單服務 登記及查詢熱線: 3669-1407
eRO Registration and Enquiry Hotline: 3669-1407